Communication studies essay

Communication is central to the ongoing processes of culture and society and is therefore a vitally important field of study. At CSUN, the Department of Communication Studies offers a curriculum that embraces a wide range of disciplinary traditions in the study of human communication. These include: rhetorical studies, performance studies, cultural studies, language behavior and communication theory. Coursework includes introductory and advanced study in interpersonal communication, group communication, organizational communication, intercultural communication, rhetorical analysis, textual analysis and performance studies. Read more about us

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies is a problem-focused program that emphasizes contemporary cultural concerns while situating these within the broader context of communication and cultural theory. The purpose of the degree is to provide students with the awareness, knowledge, motivation and skills to develop communication strategies to address the problems of a global society, and the emphasis is on all forms of civic engagement. The program examines the strategic role that symbol systems play in constructing meaning in a fast-changing, information-based, media-saturated, and culturally diverse world. Courses examine how meaning informs and persuades individuals, and introduce students to the history and theories of how communication operates in societies. The goal is for students to demonstrate a high level of oral and written communication, critical thinking, and analytical problem-solving skills, and to become active in civic life.

Communication studies essay

communication studies essay


communication studies essaycommunication studies essaycommunication studies essaycommunication studies essay