Criteria evaluation thesis

The evaluation criteria are scheduled for finalization end 2016. Pursuant to § 17 Par. 3 of the German Drinking Water Ordinance 2001, they will become valid two years after publication. As from the effective date of these evaluation criteria, all owners and operators of drinking water extraction, purification facilities and distribution installations will be required to exclusively use enamels and ceramic materials that meet the requirements of these evaluation criteria; whereby this applies to newly constructed installations and repair operations for existing installations.

The positive and negative changes produced by a development intervention, directly or indirectly, intended or unintended. This involves the main impacts and effects resulting from the activity on the local social, economic, environmental and other development indicators. The examination should be concerned with both intended and unintended results and must also include the positive and negative impact of external factors, such as changes in terms of trade and financial conditions.
When evaluating the impact of a programme or a project, it is useful to consider the following questions:

Criteria evaluation thesis

criteria evaluation thesis


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