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Working transparently, museums must now move beyond mere representations of evidence to demonstrate explicitly how knowledge is developed, shared, or revisited. Making evident the gaps or omissions in our knowledge, identifying marginal or absent voices, helps audiences to explore with confidence and promotes engagement through nuance, perspective, and diversity. Authoritativeness has not enhanced cultural institutions, but authenticity has. Leveraging – and sharing – authenticity, museums must speak from multiple points of view, encouraging stakeholder and audience participation, even while bolstering scholarship. In assisting audiences to better understand how the past informs the present, how patterns and similarities can be observed in the seeming diversity and idiosyncrasies of history, museums can transcend institutionalism or parochialism to demystify a shared humanity in a singular world. 

The interpretation of Islam promoted by this funding was the strict, conservative Saudi-based Wahhabism or Salafism . In its harshest form it preached that Muslims should not only "always oppose" infidels "in every way," but "hate them for their religion ... for Allah's sake," that democracy "is responsible for all the horrible wars of the 20th century," that Shia and other non-Wahhabi Muslims were infidels , etc. [73] While this effort has by no means converted all, or even most Muslims to the Wahhabist interpretation of Islam, it has done much to overwhelm more moderate local interpretations, and has set the Saudi-interpretation of Islam as the "gold standard" of religion in minds of some or many Muslims. [74]

Co-Facilitating : Research Essay With the increase in complicacy in the work place or to handle the mounting work pressure , the art of facilitation has further modified to co-facilitation . It is a situation , where a group or organization or facilitators has a multiple parties to address . Recapitulating the principles of management it has always been said to avoid two bosses or more than one heads involved in one project or organization . But with changing time and the course of work the one sided polarity has gained much flexibility and more reason operate among the groups or teams . To justify its worth as an advanced support system , the paper will discuss its presence and the operational area and a critical analysis of its advantages and disadvantages . Support , self help and mutual understanding was already there in the group activities , but with the growing understanding it has unfolded the hidden risk of the entire group or team might getting stuck in an unprecedented event or situation . This kind of situation is a clichy for organizations where managers can not stay in one location due to business tour though the person is stationed in a particular location .In case of manager leaving the team assigning someone else in deputation , the team reacts reluctantly as they are not accustomed with the acting leader and have limited experience in terms of team work (MG Rush 2009 . Facilitation has been widely mistaken as the mundane leadership practice as planning , decision making , staffing , and presentation and so on…

Facilitation essay

facilitation essay


facilitation essayfacilitation essayfacilitation essayfacilitation essay