Ib economics extended essay examples

The agreement with the German authority KMK recognizes the IB diploma as equal to the national Leaving Certificate Abitur in providing access to universities, but only with prescribed subject and level stipulations. It is therefore essential that students are well informed of these before making their diploma subject choices. Generally German universities do not accept self-taught students, as the terms of accepting a student is that they have 12 years of full-time education according to the KMK Agreement. However, we recommend that you contact the university for further details.

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In June 2014, Dr Sam Szeto joined International Scholars Tuition as a Chemistry tutor. He earned both his Bachelor of Science Honours (with First Class standing) and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Alberta  (CAN). During his graduate training and academic career, Dr Szeto has been the recipient of awards for scholastic and research excellence at both the provincial and national level. These include a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship and an Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Studentship.

Ib economics extended essay examples

ib economics extended essay examples


ib economics extended essay examplesib economics extended essay examplesib economics extended essay examplesib economics extended essay examples