Introduction in dissertation writing

Figure 2 shows that as the number of cores (and overall application speed) increases the percentage of time spent in the sequential part of the application increases. (The elapsed time spent in sequential processing is constant.) The illustration also shows why you might be satisfied with a 2x speedup on a four-core computer for actual applications, as opposed to sample programs. The important question is always how scalable the application is. Scalability depends on the amount of time spent doing work that is inherently sequential in nature.

One of the key policies of Wikipedia is that all article content has to be verifiable . This means that a reliable source must be able to support the material. All quotations, any material whose verifiability has been challenged or is likely to be challenged and contentious material, whether negative, positive, or neutral, about living persons , must include an inline citation to a source that directly supports the material. This also means that Wikipedia is not the place for original work , archival findings that have not been published, or evidence from any source that has not been published.

Questions are a good opportunity for you to interact with your audience. It may be helpful for you to try to predict what questions will be asked so that you can prepare your response in advance. You may wish to accept questions at any time during your presentation, or to keep a time for questions after your presentation. Normally, it's your decision, and you should make it clear during the introduction. Be polite with all questioners, even if they ask difficult questions. They are showing interest in what you have to say and they deserve attention. Sometimes you can reformulate a question. Or answer the question with another question. Or even ask for comment from the rest of the audience.

Introduction in dissertation writing

introduction in dissertation writing


introduction in dissertation writingintroduction in dissertation writingintroduction in dissertation writingintroduction in dissertation writing