Visit foreign country essay

So Washington is already, in significant ways, arming the world, but evidently, as far as President Trump and the weapons makers he loves are concerned, not yet enough of it. As a result, his administration is reportedly planning to open the global spigot on the very sorts of weapons now regularly used in this country for mass killings, making it far easier for American gun and ammunition manufacturers to sell to anyone interested abroad and far harder for law enforcement here to track whose hands those weapons end up in.  Administration officials supposedly plan to cut down on oversight for such sales by making the Commerce Department, not the State Department, responsible for them, while streamlining small arms export controls, a process the Obama administration began. At news of this, the (non-bump) stocks of gun manufacturers surged.

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"Egypt is very different from where I have always lived": i thought that you sould just use I'm living, cause you're still living there.
"Last year my uncle with his family visit Egypt. He told that it amazing trip": visitted & it was an...
"However how they could build such incredible buildings": could they
"Secondly": the second
"this information": these information
"that has been the subject of novels and movies and is filled with deception": has been filled (parallel structure)
You're good! You should use more comma. These are what i find. I'm still learning English.
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Visit foreign country essay

visit foreign country essay


visit foreign country essayvisit foreign country essayvisit foreign country essayvisit foreign country essay