Writing the right college-entrance essay

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The persuasiveness of today’s new right rarely depends on the coherence or depth of its thought. Though Donald Trump – with co-authors – has published more than a dozen titles of his own, the next US president is not a book guy. In an interview last summer, Trump explained that he does not need to read extensively because he reaches the right decisions “with very little knowledge other than the knowledge I [already] had”. Countering this kind of relentless self-belief requires more than evidence-based rationality. It is the very definition of “post-truth”, as put together by Oxford Dictionaries last year: “Objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”

Writing the right college-entrance essay

writing the right college-entrance essay


writing the right college-entrance essaywriting the right college-entrance essaywriting the right college-entrance essaywriting the right college-entrance essay